Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Theatre Of Eternal Music - The Celebration Of The Tortoise

The Theatre Of Eternal Music were a drone group from the early/mid 1960's.
La Monte Young/Marian Zazeela/Terry Riley/Tony Conrad
Voice/Viola/Sine Wave drones.
Recorded in July 1966. Rare bootleg CD.


  1. Thanks for this and the other music you post here. May I ask where you got this? I never thought they recorded any of there compositions.

    1. Hey George, sorry for the super late reply, you might not even have a blogger account anymore! Anyway, I got this of discogs. They recorded I think nearly all of their compositions/improvisations but most never got released because of an argument between La Monte Young and the rest of the musicians about ownership, La Monte arguing that he composed the music while the others arguing that everyone was equally involved.

  2. Hey George! Sorry, only just saw this comment now. I bought this on Discogs I think. There are quite a few recordings of them. A small amount have been uploaded on the internet and a few others are on rare bootleg CD's like this. Apparently there is a vast collection of recordings but La Monte Young won't release them until everyone else who performed in the recordings credits him as the solo composer of the pieces, very childish if you ask me. Tony Conrad and others have fighting against him on this for decades. Both sides won't give in haha!