Friday, 2 November 2012

The Theatre Of Eternal Music - Day Of The Holy Mountain

The Theatre Of Eternal Music also known as The Dream Syndicate were a drone group from the early/mid 1960's. 
La Monte Young/Marian Zazeela/Tony Conrad/John Cale/Terry Jennings/Angus Maclise
Long celestial drones, halfway through into rapidly flowing saxophone and percussion over voice/violin/viola/saxophone drones.
Recorded on the 2nd into the 3rd of April 1964. Extremely rare bootleg CD.

Excerpt 1 is from the first half, excerpt 2 is from the second.


  1. Than you very much, really cant thank you enough this is beautifull

  2. i thought it was about time someone re-uploaded this haha

  3. Thanks a lot! Really hard to find La Monte Young music nowadays!!!

  4. hi jeremy i made it here from yr post on the megapost.
    downloaded the arnhiem land and the lamont young.
    beware lamont as he is a tiger about bootlegs and control of his music.
    i talked with him on the phone in the 80's and other than that he
    was a great guy. gave me lots of pointers on tuning.
    thanks so much

  5. thanks yeah i've read about that, i think it's more important that people are able to hear this transcendent music even though it will eventually be taken down again for reasons i don't completely understand

  6. well best as i can guess
    there is a lot of ego-- and he has made his myth bigger
    by making his music scarce. i mean he has feuded with tony conrad for decades.
    which is not impressive.
    he was quite amazed at the time
    that i had found a copy of his "black record". but as i said to him
    it was a friend who is somewhat determined who bought 2 and gave me one.

    rare drones hey. are they better by being rare
    no i don't think so

  7. from what i have read the main reason the recordings from this period haven't been released are because la monte young thinks that he is the sole composer of the music and john cale and tony conrad (and i'm pretty sure angus maclise agreed before he died) think that they were all the co-composers, which i agree with. la monte young has said that if they would sign a legal document claiming that he is the composer of all the theatre of eternal music recordings that he would release them. if i was cale and conrad i would just sign the document, anyone who is interested in the recordings already agrees with one side or the other so it wouldn't make any difference other then in a legal sense and then people could actually listen to the dozens of recordings that were made during that period. as you are saying a lot of it is about ego