Friday, 25 January 2013

Spirit Of African Sanctus

Recorded by David Fanshawe between 1969 and 1973. Something I have noticed from other albums he has recorded, is that he seems to be great at recording incredible songs and only showing you short excerpts of them. He does this on nearly every song on this album and on another album I have heard recorded by him (Kenya & Tanzania: Witchcraft & Ritual Music). This CD is still available and part of the royalties go to Survival International, an organisation that campaigns for the rights of indigenous people, so even if you can only donate $5, please make a donation to them here! It will only take you a minute. This is still a great album with amazing songs, but I think it should have been released on a few discs so that the music could be treated with proper respect and be listened to in full. Excerpts can be heard here. Liner Notes Included.

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