Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Sounds Of Bamboo. Instrumental Music Of The 'Are'are

"The 'Are'are categorize their music as: 1) 'au, for bamboo instruments, 2) 'o'o, for wooden slit-drums, 3) kiroba, sound play on water, and 4) nuu isuisuba, vocal. For the 'Are'are, song and above all, instrumental music, provide the core of the of the musical performance arts. 'Are'are instrumental music typically depicts such natural sounds and human actions as bird and animal calls, oceans and rivers, rustling trees, crying or snoring children, and people at work. Music can bestow a sense of peace, attract the opposite sex, elicit strength and wealth, arouse passions, or awaken sorrows." Recorded in 1988. Liner notes included. Excerpts can be heard here.

A two and a half hour film made by Hugo Zemp of music from the 'Are'are can be bought here, 'Are'are Music/Preview.

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