Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Chants Wagogo

Since the first time that I heard music of the Wagogo (Gogo) people I have been completely bewildered by and addicted to their amazing music. Included in this post is the Inedit album which first introduced me to their music and the Ocoras that I subsequently bought after hearing it. The Ocoras have the liner notes included but since I do not own the Inedit album I was not able to scan the booklet and I have re-uploaded it since the original post has been deleted. VDE Gallo also have released an album of Gogo music which I will one day buy and share too!


  1. Music a Gogo! A tribe with such a name almost MUST have good music. And so it turns out to be. Thanx Jeremy

  2. yes they certainly certainly do gerrit! they are the main (or only) stars of the fantastic lp you shared called muzik fran tanzania so i am sure you are familiar with their music, though it is quite diverse. it seems we are both from frogland though i have only been once when i was a baby and then when i was 13 to see my opa. unfortunately the only words i know are ya, ney, olifant and neuken in de keuken. a pretty strange ensemble of words to know! by the way why did you disable the comment box on your blog i keep wanting to thank you for your fabulous posts

  3. well, the only words that are correct are 'olifant' and 'neuken in de keuken' and probably its best not to combine the two. Yes and No (Ya + Ney) are more like Ja en Nee. So you belong to the frog swamp diaspora! Sometimes i wished that my parents woulkd have chosen a more sunny life-style in a far away place.

    By the way i didn't diasable the comment box: it often just doesn't appear, even the colours are quite often disabled. According to my first follower mister Hammer it has to do that i've chosen a 'dynamic sjabloon' which is much heavier and more difficult to load. I could go back to a simplere one, but the time i tried that before, a lot of my stuff disappeared and i do not like to take that risk.

    i like your taste in music and thats because we share the same love for local and traditional music. I don't dare to post CD's like you do, but that because the copyright police is more strict here (although to my knowledge there is no copyright for traditional music...

    Do you also record sounds of nature? i am lookinhg for frog-soundscapes longer than the usual 3 minutes for my new website Lola radio.

    Greetings from your down under

  4. certainly not my comedic web friend! unless it was a very large kitchen perhaps. ah yes i forgot about that (i actually google translated the other two otherwise i would have spelt them as oliphant and noken in the koken).
    i'm very glad they did it is the middle of spring at the moment and today was nearly 40 degrees celsius though i do have to say it is quite exceptional for it to be so hot so early and i have already started to hear a lonely cicada singing by himself i think the heat woke him up too early or maybe he was just tired of sucking on the roots of a tree for years.
    i did notice that the other day when i went on your page that i could see the comments again but then i clicked on a post and they were gone damn "dyanmic sjabloon"! what a crazy name anyway.
    i like your taste in music too it's rare to find people who listen to this music though i think a lot more people are open to it they just don't have the access to it which is one of the reasons i started the blog because other blogs are the reason that i started to listen to this music and now i almost purely listen to it. i'm not a huge fan of most the pop you post (though that's just me) but i did love the katiku boys band you posted the other day! great dancing music.
    well there shouldn't be though i know there is sometimes i know hugh tracey copyrighted his recordings. though i do respect the individuals who recorded and spent time with the musicians and the efforts the record label goes to but when it comes down to it i think the people who's performances are on these albums would want their music to be heard by as many people as possible and that is what is important to me.
    yes i actually do record the sounds of nature and other things you can hear my recordings here though my longest recording of frogs is only about 10 minutes but i will be going to the daintree in late december and i will definitely many long form recordings of frogs and many other sounds of the australian tropical rainforest then which i will be sharing for free and i am fine you want to share them too.
    you can hear some great recordings of frogs (and many other beings) here at my favourite recordist (and long form master) david michael!
    also here are some dutch frogs, let me know if you recognise them.

    1. ribbit!
      thanks for the linx
      i will check them out soon!

      Today is tge first day of autumn: cold and rain. All frogs have gone in hiding...
      Me too. Brrrr

      Tot ziens!

  5. Thank you for the incredible Inedit CD. It really saved my evening last night...

    1. no worries nathaniel i know what you mean the first time i heard it i was blown away and many repeated listens ensued. i'm glad you like it too!

  6. Thanks for this upload!

    On a side note, does anyone know what instrument is being played on the last track of the Tanzanie. Chants Des Wagogo Et Des Kuria album?