Saturday, 5 October 2013


I will let the music and the extensive liner notes of both these releases speak for themselves. Both are incredible.
Disc One/Disc Two
Excerpts can be heard here. (I tried to upload a song but it was deleted by Soundcloud.) 


  1. I actually came here today to say thanks for disc 1 of Brazil Central (disc 2 has been deleted). I realised I hadn't downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and think it could actually be the best thing I've heard from your amazing blog. It's so wonderfully hypnotic - I've even been putting it on to go to sleep to. Many thanks Jeremy!

  2. Wonderful to hear you are sleeping to it! I've checked my Mediafire account and it says the link for Disc 2 still works so try it again, but if it doesn't work I will re-upload it.

  3. Ah, the disc 2 download worked this time. It's terrific, thanks!

  4. Great news! From what I can remember the second disc was mainly recorded in the late 60's and features excerpts of very long ceremonies that lasted for days/weeks.